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In any marriage, there are times where one spouse may have a higher salary than the other. If you are involved in a marriage where your spouse supports you or is a higher earner, you may be concerned about how you will support yourself after the divorce. Or perhaps you are concerned about the amount of alimony your spouse is asking you to pay post-divorce. At Benzaken, Alexander & Wood, our Brockton family law attorneys support both parties in marriages which are dissolving.

Handling Matters of Alimony in Divorce

With extensive experience handling divorce and related issues, we are familiar with the various concerns you may face. The decision of alimony is often a tricky one, which takes into account a number of different factors. We are here to help you understand the basis of how alimony payments are decided, so you can know what to expect. First there is the decision of whether or not alimony will be awarded, the exact amount which will be paid, and how much will be paid.

Although there is no exact formula for making a determination, the court considers a variety of factors:

  • The ability of the seeking party to support themselves.
  • The standard of living that was had during the marriage.
  • The amount of time that the marriage lasted.
  • The age and physical condition of each party.
  • The job and education level of the seeking party.

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