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Regardless of the exact circumstances which led to your divorce, it can be very stressful on all parties involved. Your lives will be dramatically changed and if you share children, they will also be greatly affected. After you and your spouse have decided to split up, you may be concerned about how your property and debt will be divided. At Benzaken, Alexander & Wood, we offer our extensive experience and knowledge to our clients during the complex and overwhelming divorce process.

Equitable Property Division in MA

In the state of Massachusetts, the law requires property and debt to be divided equitably and fairly. This does not always mean that it is exactly 50/50, but it is up to you, your spouse, and your attorney to come up with a plan of how your property will be split up. One of our Brockton family lawyers can help you to avoid going to litigation over who gets what, but we can also represent you in court if necessary.

Property and debt that is divided equitably includes:

  • Debt incurred during your marriage.
  • Valuables purchased or acquired during the marriage.
  • Real estate purchased during the marriage.
  • 401(k)s and other retirement or savings funds.

Property Distribution in Brockton

One of the most important matters discussed in divorce is property division, and the decision will be left to the courts if you do not make an arrangement yourself. Our Brockton divorce attorneys at Benzaken & Wood LLP are here to provide you with guidance and representation in matters of property division.

If the determination is left in the court's hands, they may consider a variety of additional factors:

  • The duration of your marriage.
  • The abilities of each party.
  • The contributions of each party.

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